KINGSOFT jointly operates CQ with 7K7K extending online game clientele into youth age group | Tech

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KINGSOFT jointly operates CQ with 7K7K extending online game clientele into youth age group

July 19 , 2010 11:56:46 AM utc+8

16 July, 2010,Hong Kong,Kingsoft Corporation Limited (“Kingsoft” or the “Company”;SEHK stock code: 03888), a leading applications and entertainment software developer,distributor and service provider in China, has announced its collaboration with 7K7K, a leisure online game platform, to jointly operate CQ, which starts closed beta testing today. This cooperation allows Kingsoft to explore market of the post-90s players and makes 7K7K the third strategic partner of Kingsoft, after Shanda and

CQ is an animated cartoon style MMORPG game developed by Adin Studio of Kingsoft in Chengdu in 60 7. The game has launched three expansion packs so far. The upcoming

expansion pack Luan Shi Jia Yuan in this summer is highly anticipated by game players. Mr.Bi Zheng Hua, Vice President of Kingsoft Games said, “The majority of Kingsoft's game

players falls in the age group of 20-60 . As the majority of 7K7K's users are students and beginners in online games, the cooperation would enable Kingsoft to expand its clientele to a wider range of age groups and to include post-90s users.”

Since 2010, Kingsoft has implemented various strategies to diversify its clientele into younger age groups. Earlier in May, Kingsoft announced an investment in the TV programnamed after its online game “JX — Cang Jian Shan Zhuang”, with first tier artists of EEG Mr Nicholas Tse and Ms Charlene Choi as the lead actor and actress. Besides, Kingsoft plans to launch its first web-game Shen Dao Xing 8 Ke this September, which is tailor-made for post-90s. The Company's office software unit has recently announced that it will launch its mobile office software for iPad to attract more young users.


Mr. Pak Kwan Kau, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Kingsoft, said, “The post-90s users are becoming the major consumers on the internet and Kingsoft has always

valued the cultivation of new generations of users. By investing in TV program, launching mobile office software for iPad and co-operating with 7K7K leisure online game platform, we have full confidence that we will attract more young users to enlarge our customer base and meanwhile add new dimensions to the Kingsoft brand.”


Since 60 9, Kingsoft and its strategic partners have jointly operated four games, including “JX World” Shanda version, “JXII” Shanda version, "JX III" Shanda version and "JX World"with